Care instructions

Wash properly - for the good of the environment and your clothes.

On the care label inside the garment, you sometimes find additional information on how to care for your product. Here are some other care tips for selected materials and models.

Washing and environmental

Thylie is actively working on environmental issues related to manufacture and transportation of its products. The largest part of the energy is consumed when you wash your clothes.

Wash only if necessary

Do not wash your clothes when they are not dirty. Often it is sufficient to brush your clothes or air them.

Reduce the wash temperature

Thylie indicates always the maximum temperature on it's products. You should choose a lower temperature to save energy. Most detergents also spread their effect at lower temperatures, with the same cleaning power. At 40°C, a wash cycle consumes only half as much energy as at 60°C.

For heavily soiled clothes, Thylie recommends always at the maximum temperature. You should never wash with a higher temperature than indicated on the care label.

Avoid underfilling the washing machine

Sort laundry by color and wash temperature. Fill the machine well, but not too full. Use the energy saving program, most modern washing machines are equipped with.

Choose a laundry detergent with eco-labels

Use a detergent with eco-labels, not containing optical brighteners or phosphates, which pollute the environment significantly. Dose the detergent according to the instructions on the package.Overdose does not lead to better washing results. For the correct dosage, you need to know if the water is in hard or soft.

Avoid fabric softener if possible.

Avoid Chemical Cleaning

The chemical cleaning is a process in which the clothes are cleaned using an organic solvent. Chemical cleaning pollutes the environment, if the solvents get into nature. Only a small number of Thylie products require chemical cleaning for preventing discoloring or deforming during normal washing.

Let the cloths dry by themself

The best way to dry your clothes is natural air.. Dryers use a lot of energy. You can shorten the drying time by using a spin-dryer before hanging them up.

Give away old clothes!

If you don't want to wear certain clothes anymore, you should donate them to an organization. This prolongs the life cycle of the products and helps other people.

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